Retiring Market President Steve Christiansen Reflects on Nearly 30 Years with Merchants

Steve Christiansen started his financial career in 1979 before coming to Merchants Bank in 1990. Steve spent time as a Commercial Banker, a Business Development Officer and most recently the Market President for our Onalaska and La Crescent branches. He also served as a Board Member for four years. After nearly 30 years of service to Merchants, Steve will retire on December 1, 2020 and before his last day reflected on his career.

Q: What is one of your fondest memories of working at Merchants?

I vividly remember opening our Onalaska branch in 2003…just the energy, the people that came to celebrate it and knowing how much hard work was put into it. It was a very exciting time.

Another wonderful memory is from one of the earliest 10 Days of Giving campaigns when my daughters presented the ceremonial first gift of food. It’s so neat to see that campaign grow over the last 30+ years.

Q: Do you have any fun stories you’d like to share?

I’ve been here many years, so it’s hard to identify a single story. But really what makes this job fun is the people: the customers you get to work with, learning about their business and what they do day-to-day. There are so many unique businesses out there and it’s a privilege to learn about their expertise and help them thrive.

Q: What makes Merchants special?

It really comes down to the people. You need people to make things happen, and it’s the employees, the board members and of course the customers that really make the Merchants culture so special. I don’t know that many places feel as much like a family as Merchants does.

Q: Why did you decide to spend most of your career with Merchants?

There are many reasons, but the biggest one is that I had opportunities. I was able to grow, to move to different areas, to learn, adjust, meet more people. Over 20 years, I’ve kept having great experiences and getting out into our community and making a positive difference in people’s lives was always supported. That’s an important piece for me.

Q: What wisdom do you want to leave your Merchants family with? 

Simply: focus on people. Your customers, your team, those in your community. All we can do is genuinely care about each other. The extent to which we do that – care – is a big piece of our Merchants culture and part of what makes us unique.

It really all comes down to practicing the Golden Rule: treat others as you would like to be treated.

Q: What are you excited about for Merchants Future?

When I started at Merchants, it was a $250 million organization. Today, our assets are over $2 billion. The growth we’ve been able to see is tremendous, and I’m excited to see where and how Merchants continues to grow and adapt to our changing world.