Where You Need Us, When You Need Us: Now and Always

Employee On Phone Wearing A Mask
Dana Christensen, Customer Service Representative

Stocked with hand sanitizer, masks and shields, we’re ready and happy to help you in person in our branches. Although we understand that as communities continue to have positive cases of COVID-19, you might want to limit your “in-person” errands. Or maybe you’re just getting really comfy at home.

Either way, we’re ready to serve you however you prefer to reach us. We wanted to gather up (almost) all the ways you can take care of your banking with us:

1. Online & Mobile Banking

First and foremost, the best way to see what’s going on with your account is our now enhanced Personal Online & Mobile Banking. Of course you can take care of all the basics: checking balances, making a transfer, viewing transactions and deposit images, viewing statements (if you’re signed up for eStatements), paying bills, etc.

But now with enhanced features like 24/7 access to your credit score, account alerts, a budgeting tool and more, you have easier access to more details of your financial situation.

2. Merchants Bank Credit Card App

Hot off the press: the Merchants Bank Credit Card App. If you have our credit card, you can download this free app to:

  • Turn your credit card “on” and “off” giving you peace of mind if you lose your card.
  • Control where your credit card can be used, such as limiting transactions by location or store type.
  • Get real-time data, tracking and insights into your credit card purchases.
  • Receive instant alerts about possible fraud and take action.

3. Our Drive-Ups

Maybe you’re feeling like if you have to do one more thing from home you’ll lose your marbles: hop in your car and head to your nearest Merchants Bank Drive-Up!

Our Drive-Ups can handle pretty much anything you’d do at the teller line. And if you’ve been in touch with your banker and simply need to sign some documents, chances are they’ll be able to meet you in the Drive-Up, but best to discuss options with your banker beforehand.

4. Phone Call

A classic. Tried and true. Give us a ring and we’ll do our best to help. You can contact your local branch or one of our specialty departments such as Electronic Banking, Credit Card or Loan Servicing.

So, if you have a question or concern, we’re happy to help and looking forward to hearing from you, however we hear from you. Stay safe, be well!