Top 3 Tips to Make the Most of Small Business Online Banking

Businesswoman on Computer

Welcome, again, to our new Small Business Online Banking system! Small Business Online Banking is a great tool for businesses who need a convenient, capable online solution and don’t need Treasury Management tools or services.

It’s probably a little different than you’re used to, so we’d like to go over a few quick tips and functions to make sure you’re getting as much as possible from the platform:

1.) Add and Edit Users

Think about efficiency and security: should certain employees have access to information or capabilities in online banking? Go ahead and add them! You can make sure they have only the visibility and functions they need for their position.  And you can edit your users’ access at any time! For a detailed “how-to”, check out our video tutorial.

2.) Make a Deposit Into Any Merchants Bank Account

Did you know your business can make a deposit into any Merchants Bank account? You just have to know the account type and number you want to make a deposit into – this is perfect for depositing into Merchants Bank accounts that you don’t own or may not be an authorized signer on. You can do that in the “Transfers” tab, and then go to the “Unlinked Account” section.

Unliked account screenshot

3.) Download Transactions into Excel

Maybe you’re between statements and have had an active few weeks, and now you’d like to review those transactions on paper. In our new system, you can download your transaction history into an Excel Workbook.

Simply go to your “Accounts” tab, and the down to “Account Activity,”  select the account you’d like transactions for and click the green “Spreadsheet” link. It will automatically start the download.

Small business account transaction sample

If you have any questions about online banking, call our Electronic Banking team at (866) 496-0522, we’re happy to help!