Experts’ Take on New Technology: Commercial Online Banking

Becky Zoellner, Tammy Johnson, Annette Bleninger

Becky Zoellner, Tammy Johnson, Annette Bleninger

You may or may not be aware, but we transitioned our treasury management and commercial customers to a brand new, shiny, beautiful, squeaky clean online banking system, “Commercial Online Banking,” in November. We’re very excited to have this incredibly capable tool for our customers.

Any transition takes time and effort, but this one has been more than worth it. Our Treasury Management Sales Officers share their favorite features of this system and shed some light on what Commercial Online Banking and Treasury Management Services may be able to offer your business.

Q: Do you have a favorite feature of Commercial Online Banking?

Becky Zoellner: This system is so capable, there are so many features that offer enhanced efficiency and clarity to the banking function of a business. The notice options available are one of my favorite features. You can get alerts and notifications for when almost anything happens on your accounts. Most importantly, you can customize the notices you’d like to receive right at your fingertips through the portal. As the needs of your business and office change, so can your notices. It makes it easy to keep an eye on things while you’re out of the office, which is a considerable security enhancement.

Tammy Johnson: I’ve never been so excited about reports before! The reporting options this system offers are great. Being able to generate audit reports and export business banking transactions and activity offers the opportunity to really be able to clearly see what is happening in your bank accounts.

Annette Bleninger: I love how streamlined the system is – you can access your bank accounts as well as your treasury management services, including Positive Pay and ACH Blocks and Filters, all in the same system – that means one set of login credentials, because who needs more of those to remember?

Q: How can using a robust system like this benefit a business?

Tammy: With all the functionality this system offers, you can access everything from one platform; it is such a great time-saver. I also love the dashboards that help you quickly navigate to the functions you use the most.

Q: How can Commercial Online Banking save a business money?

Becky: It’s cliché, but time is money. The efficiencies that this system provides save time and headaches. Routine processes and functions can be automated and records easily accessible. Your team will be able to get back to serving customers and spend less time working on housekeeping processes.

Annette: Of course there’s a learning curve with a new system, but once you get used to where things are, and how to do certain functions, you can do them with ease. Plus, we have an incredible new Treasury Management Support Team to answer any and all questions about how to use the system.

Q: If customers need help or feel anxious about using the new system, what can they do?

Tammy: Customers can contact our Support Department – they’ll be able to assist with any questions.

Annette: We also created a variety of tools for users, including a user guide and a couple of tutorial videos (take a look at the system here*). There is also a “Help” function on each screen in the system.

Q: What are customers saying about the new system?

Tammy: I’ve had customers tell me that once they got logged in and explored, it proved to be very user-friendly. And I know we’ve mentioned them, but our Treasury Management Sales Support department is such an asset. They specialize in this system and have a direct phone number and email. Having their expertise and focus is priceless.

Annette: My clients are really excited about all the features that are now all accessible from one place, especially our fraud management tools!

Becky: Something that leadership teams from our customers say is that the system provides clarity to the banking function of their business: they can see the history, pending and future transactions. They also have the ability to see audit trails to fully understand their employees activity; it provides transparency to their cash flow: what’s going where and who is moving it.

Ready for State of the Art Tech and Superior Service?

If you are interested in how Treasury Management services could help your business run smoother, faster, better, stronger, contact our Treasury Management Sales Team.

If you’re looking for help with Commercial Online Banking, meet our Treasury Management Sales Support Team.


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