Your Local Cash Management Experts


For many businesses, the management of your day-to-day cash flow has become more complex. Over the past year, Merchants Bank recognized the need for more local service and expertise in this area and trained an additional 11 Merchants Bank staff as Treasury Management Specialists.

What does this mean for your business? You’ll now have a local business resource, in addition to your Commercial or Ag Banker, at a Merchants Bank near you. With the leadership of Tammy Johnson, our Treasury Management Sales Manager, our Treasury Management Specialists are fully equipped to help your business find the right treasury management solutions.

What services can Treasury Management Specialists help with?
We can help any business with something as simple as selecting the right business checking account or business credit card to custom FDIC insured products for larger deposit accounts (such as CDARs and ICS).

We also offer:

Who is my local Treasury Management expert?
You can find the Treasury Management Specialist for your area on our website.

Contact your local Merchants Bank to speak to the Treasury Management Specialist near you. To learn more about our Cash Management services, visit our website.