Congratulate New and Promoted Staff


New Staff

AmiotTony Tony Amiot, Document Transaction Coordinator, Merchants Bank Equipment Finance
Alyssa Anderson Alyssa Anderson, Teller, Cottage Grove
Larissa Andrist Larissa Andrist, Teller, Rochester
Stacey Boelter Stacey Boelter, Mortgage Loan Processor, Winona
Ann Burrow Ann Burrow, Administrative Assistant and Customer Service Representative, Onalaska
Rebecca Decker Rebecca Decker, Trust Associate, Winona
DodsonKristin Kristin Dodson, Teller, Lakeville
Brice Eggert Brice Eggert, Loan Servicing Representative, Winona
Jordan Frederick Jordan Frederick, Commercial/Ag Banker, Winona
Nick Haugen Nick Haugen, Computer Operator, Winona
Karla Johnson Karla Johnson, Loan Servicing Representative, Winona
Nick Moon Nick Moon, Commercial Consumer Evaluation & Appraisal Specialist, Winona
Wendy Murphy Wendy Murphy, Loan Servicing Representative, Winona
Kayla Pronschinske Kayla Pronschinske, Custodian, Winona
SheltonTim Tim Shelton, Teller, Winona
Maija Trenary Maija Trenary, Teller, Hastings
ZiermanAnn Ann Zierman, Document Transaction Manager, Merchants Bank Equipment Finance

Transfers and Promotions

DeGeorgeJennifer copy Jennifer DeGeorge, Assistant Vice President, Secondary Market Mortgage, Winona
Dan Nistler Dan Nistler, Market President, Rochester

Fraud Alert: Craigslist Scam – Sellers Beware

Craigslist Scam

We’ve recently seen an increase in the Craigslist Scam. This is when a buyer for an item listed online sends a check for more than the asking price of the item. The fraudster will ask the seller to deposit the check and then send the extra money back.

For example, you sell a car on Craigslist for $1,000 and the purchaser sends you a check for $3,000, asking you to send them the remaining $2,000 cash back.

This is a red flag that the check is fraudulent. The fraudster hopes that the fraudulent check will be deposited, and seller will send their legitimate money back. In the past weeks we’ve seen many fraudulent cashier’s checks.

Please be wary of checks for more than the asking price of the item. Should a check be deposited into your account and that check is found to be fraudulent, the amount of that check will be debited from your account.

If you think you’ve been sent a questionable check, visit your nearest Merchants Bank. We can help.

Pumpkin Dip Recipe

Pumpkin dip recipe


  • 8 oz. package cream cheese
  • 2 cups powdered sugar
  • 15 oz. can pumpkin
  • 1 tsp. ground cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp. ground ginger


Mix cream cheese and sugar together and beat until smooth. Add pumpkin, cinnamon and ginger. Beat until well combined. Serve with apple slices and ginger snaps.

Cooks note: Recipe can be cut in half by using a 3 oz. package cream cheese, 1 cup powdered sugar and 1/2 can pumpkin.

Merchants Family Cookbooks are available at all Merchants Bank locations for $15. Proceeds benefit local food shelf programs.

New: Mobile Payments for Merchants Bank Credit Cards

New: Mobile Payments for Merchants Bank Credit Cards

Holiday shopping season is here, and your time and security are more precious than ever.

Did you know our credit cards are compatible with Apple Pay and Samsung Pay? You can enroll our credit card with Apple Pay or Samsung Pay and start making online, in-app and in-store payments faster. It’s even more secure than using the EMV chip!

Here’s how:

  • Simply open your mobile wallet and add a Merchants Bank credit card.
  • The card will be assigned an account number that is securely stored on the mobile device – keeping the card information safe during transactions.
  • Transactions with retailers are verified with unique, one-time-use security codes, making it very difficult for fraudsters to gain access to the card information should those retailers be compromised.

Apple Pay and Samsung Pay also minimize the inconvenience of entering your credit card information online over and over.

Start saving time and protect your finances this holiday season with a Merchants Bank credit card – enroll it today! Click the icon below for step-by-step instructions for your smartphone*:

Apple Pay

Samsung Pay

Any questions? Feel free to contact us.

Credit cards are subject to approval. Data and messaging rates may apply from your wireless carrier.

* You will be linking to another website not owned or operated by Merchants Bank, NA. Merchants Bank, NA is not responsible for the availability or content of this website and does not represent either the linked website or you, should you enter into a transaction. We encourage you to review their privacy and security policies which may differ from Merchants Bank, NA.

Meet Lucas Stangl, Lead Electronic Banking Specialist at Merchants Bank

Lucas Stangl, Lead Electronic Banking Specialist

When did you start your banking career?

Lucas: I started at Wells Fargo in 2011 as a Teller and then became a Teller Manager. When I came to Merchants, I knew I wanted to work for a bank I believed in and one that is there for the community. Electronic Banking is a great fit for me because I like helping our customers solve problems. Plus, there’s a lot of variety with my job, which I really enjoy.

What is your top electronic banking tip?

Lucas: There are a couple of things that can make using Online Banking easier for our customers.

First, when you’re reviewing your accounts online, make sure check the available balance and not the current balance. The available balance is what you actually have available to spend. Sometimes the difference can be confusing, so make sure you’re looking at the right balance before you make a purchase.

When completing online transfers, review the details of the transfer and click the confirm button. If you don’t click confirm, the transfer won’t go through.

Lucas Stangl, Electronic Banking Representative at Merchants, with his two children in Disneyland.

Lucas Stangl, Lead Electronic Banking Representative at Merchants, with his two children in Disneyland.

What’s one thing your mom or dad taught you about money?

Lucas: Don’t impulse buy. Wait a few days and if you still want that particular item, then go buy it.

If you could ring the bell at the New York Stock Exchange with anyone, who would it be and why?

Lucas: My kids. Hazen is twelve and Ada is ten. My wife and I try to teach the importance of experiences and I think that would be a very memorable experience for them.

Besides money, what’s your favorite green thing?

Lucas: Any golf course. I started golfing when I was five years old and actually worked at a golf course in Pennsylvania for ten years – it was really fun.

You can visit our website for more information about our personal and business online banking.