5 Tips for Secure Use of Business Online and Mobile Banking for the Holidays

5 Tips for Secure Use of Business Online and Mobile Banking for the Holidays

We can never overstate the importance of protecting your online security, especially during the busy holiday shopping season for businesses and their customers.

Follow these top tips from our Electronic Banking Specialists to help reduce security threats:

  1. Never share log in IDs and passwords. Each individual user under the business should have a separate log in and password, even seasonal or temporary employees.
  1. Delete inactive/dormant profiles. Remove inactive users, whether former employees or accountants. In Merchants Bank Online Banking, you can make these kinds of updates through the Preferences tab. Set a reminder on your calendar to review this access at least once a quarter.
  2. Never have your browser or phone remember passwords. Always type in your password. While it may seem a bit inconvenient at times, it greatly increases the security of your account information.

    Think about where you’ll be doing business online this holiday season: buying inventory, packing supplies, postage and shipping; processing your employee’s payroll or holiday bonuses or paying for seasonal marketing materials and campaigns. You’ll want to minimize the risk to your account and business information if any of these companies are compromised during the holidays season.

  3. If logging in on a mobile device, be sure your phone or tablet is password protected. In case your device is lost or stolen – which could happen at one of those holiday parties or events you’ll be attending – you don’t want the fraudster to have access to information you have on your device.
  4. Be sure to keep contact information up to date for yourself and other users. It’s very frustrating to request a password reset and not receive it due to a bad email address. To update your information with Merchants Bank, give us a call.

Bonus Tip for Business Online Banking Supervisors and Business Owners: Before the end of the year, review your company users, checking what access they have to which accounts. Also, review debit cards the account may have opened and close any cards that are no longer used. Both of these quick reviews will help reduce fraud on business accounts.

Once you’ve taken this steps to secure your business account, rest assured that you have one less thing to worry about during the holidays. Wishing you a successful fourth quarter!

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