Meet Tammy Johnson, Cash Management Officer


Get to know Tammy Johnson, our Cash Management Sales Manager and member of our Commercial Banking team. At Merchants, we offer variety of Cash Management services to help businesses improve efficiency, security and more. Our options include tools for collection, distribution, security and management.

When did you start your banking career?
Tammy: I started at Merchants in February of 1999 as a Teller. Ten months later, I started working as a Customer Service Representative. Then, in 2011 I began working full time with our Cash Management Services.

What do you like most about your job?
Tammy: I like the flexibility and the variety. Every business is different and has different needs, therefore every day is different and full of new opportunities. We have a great team of cash management specialists, who continue to learn new things every day in order to best serve our customers.

What is your top cash management tip?
Tammy: Taking advantage of fraud management services, such as Positive Pay and ACH Filters. I cannot stress how important it is to protect what you have. In addition, staying educated on current scams and fraud detection options is key. I also highly recommend businesses monitor their account activity daily. That sounds like a lot of tips, but they all go back to staying on top of your accounts in one way or another so your business doesn’t become a victim of fraud.

What are your tips for wrapping up your fiscal year?
Tammy: As you approach year end, I’d recommend preparing for next year: Have any new situations come up that you need additional support? If you’d like to ad a service or product, will it integrate with your computer system? If you’re looking to update your technology, will your current systems integrate with the new computers? Things like that. As a business owner you know that all aspects of business are connected to each other. It save a lot of headaches later to take the time to analyze the big picture earlier.

What do you hope your customers say about working with you?
Tammy: I hope they would say that they enjoyed working with me and that I’m easy to work with. I hope they feel they have learned a lot from me and benefited from my knowledge and advice, that I’m a part of their team.

Can you help businesses assess which Cash Management services make sense for them? How does this process work?
Tammy: Absolutely! If a business is considering moving to Merchants Bank, we offer to analyze their statements and ask them walk us through their typical daily banking practices. Then, we can offer suggestions and solutions to match their current practices or enhance them.

For our current customers, we keep an open line of communication. Business needs are always evolving and what worked 10 years ago, might not work as well today. We make sure we’re there to help them take the next step, so they have the tools necessary to be successful.

What does community banking mean to you?
Tammy: To me, it’s simple…… it’s about building relationships. It’s customers knowing their banker and bankers knowing their customers and having a banking partner that understands your business.

What are some of the biggest benefits to a business using Cash Management services?
Tammy: Simply put, Cash Management services can create efficiencies for a business. They can help streamline some day-to-day processes. At the end of the day, time is money and most times, money can be saved and security can be enhanced.

Do you have a favorite local business in your area you like to go to? Or what’s your favorite thing about supporting local business?
Tammy: I have a few local businesses I like to go to. Once I’ve worked with a customer and gotten to know them and their business, I want to support them in any way I can to help them be successful. Their success is important for our local economies.

If you are interested in finding out how your business could benefit from Cash Management Services, contact one of our Cash Management Specialists.


Some Cash Management Services may have fees that apply.