Meet Mike Stangl, Mortgage Lender and Home Loan Expert



Mike spending time enjoying one of his favorite things – the outdoors.


Get to know Mike Stangl, Mortgage Lender at Merchants Bank in La Crescent.

When did you start your banking career?

Mike: I started in 2001 in my hometown of Marshfield as a personal banker. Then I became an assistant branch manager and then a branch manager as well as consumer lender. I became a mortgage lender in 2007 and have been working with customers to get them into homes they love ever since.

What is your best mortgage tip?

Mike: Be prepared. When you start thinking you want to buy a house, sit down with a lender to figure out your finances and find out what your budget is. Buying a house is exciting, and I’m here to make sure you’re looking in a price range you can feel comfortable with not only during your house hunt, but after the purchase as well.

What’s one thing your mom or dad taught you about money?

Mike: Anything I learned about keeping track of my finances my mom taught me. She did tax preparation and accounting, and is always meticulous about tracking all transactions and writing it all down. I’ve definitely inherited that. I balance my checkbook daily. It has served me well and it’s a helpful hint I try to pass on to my clients too.

If you won $1,875,000, what is one FUN thing you’d do with the money?

Mike: I would splurge on some big land to run around on. I love being outside: hunting, four-wheeling, we also do some gardening, so it would be fun to have plenty of space to do all of that. Uga Mae, our dog, would probably like it too.

Besides money, what’s your favorite green thing?

Mike: Green beer! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Picture your dream home. What is your favorite room and why?

Mike: I require a really nice shower and kitchen. I do all the cooking, so I like to have a nice, capable space to spend that time in.