Equifax Data Breach: Considerations for Protecting My Personal and Financial Information

We understand our customer and employee concerns regarding their personal and financial information following the recent Equifax data breach and offer these steps for you to consider to protect your information, now and going forward:

  • Consider monitoring updated information being released about the data breach directly from Equifax. You can go to their site and navigate to the information on this breach, or use this link at: https://www.equifaxsecurity2017.com
  • You may want to consider signing up for Equifax’s free credit monitoring service. Equifax’s CEO statement can be found at: https://www.equifaxsecurity2017.com. This site is also where you can check to see if your information was likely breached, and where you can enroll in the 12 month free security tracking services. Even if you find your information was not among the group that was likely breached, you may want to enroll for credit monitoring anyway for peace of mind. Enrollment is up to you. Be sure to read the disclaimers as you are enrolling. Note that Equifax has published updates to this incident and you can check on an ongoing basis for updates. There are other providers that you may consider as well, such as LifeLock, that will charge a fee for their service. 
  • Consider finding everything you do online where personal and confidential information may be involved and change all passwords. This is a good practice anyway.
  • Closely monitor credit and debit cards – all financial accounts really – and consider canceling old cards/accounts that you may have open but do not use.
  • Make use of all the security features with cards, including the ability to turn off your credit and/or debit cards and set alerts for activity that takes place on your cards or accounts. As always, we encourage you to consider doing this as a part of daily management of your financial affairs. Tracking and managing your financial affairs should be done every day.
              1. If you carry a Merchants Bank debit card, download the My Mobile Money Access app from your App store to track all debit card activity.
              2. If you use Merchants Online Banking, we encourage you to use the Alerts functions to monitor account activity as well.
  • Understand that much of your confidential and personal information may already be in the ether of the global internet and could be pulled together to steal your identity – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, other data aggregation sites, public records, online phone books, etc. As a best practice, never use passwords related to information that can be found online. Always monitor your credit reports for accounts opened in your name.


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These suggestions and others may be useful to you. Be sure to keep tracking this issue and seek input and opinions from your trusted sources. Then take the course of action that is best for you.

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