What We Love About My Mobile Money


Haven’t heard of our FREE My Mobile Money app? It’s an easy tool to track your debit card transactions and help prevent fraud. Learn more about it from our staff experts with this quick Q&A.

Featured Staff

  • Tina Bechtel, Customer Service Representative and Lead Teller in Spring Grove. Phone: Samsung Galaxy
  • Michelle Schroeder, Customer Service Manager in Cannon Falls
    Phone: Apple iPhone
  • Mike Swanson, Commercial Banking Officer in Hastings.
    Phone: Apple iPhone

What’s the best thing about My Mobile Money?
Michelle: I love getting notified of every single debit card transaction.

Tina: Do I have to pick one thing? I love everything about it!

Mike: I like the ability to turn my debit card on and off. The control is in my hands.

Which features have you found most helpful?
Mike: My wife and I have used the on/off for our debit card more than once. If one of us misplaces our card…leaves it in the car, forgets it on the counter or something else, we can just turn it off on the app until we find it. If our cards really were lost, it would prevent anyone else from using them. It’s just nice peace of mind.

Tina: I’ve been able to detect and stop fraud right through the app. I have notifications turned on for all my debit card transactions and one day I got a notification for a charge that I didn’t recognize. I went into the app and turned my card off and called the Bank right away. Turns out the transaction was fraudulent and because I caught it and turned off my card, I was able to stop other fraudulent transactions that were being attempted.

Michelle: I’ve had great experience with the on/off function too. I went on a trip to Florida and didn’t want my debit card on. I just went in the My Mobile Money app, slid the on/off setting to off and that it was it. It was that easy. I also really like seeing the notification for online automatic transactions, like Netflix. Sometimes you forget about those and now I get a little notification when the charge goes through.

What additional feature would you recommend customers try?
Tina: Like Michelle, I’ve used the location feature and that’s really handy. You just set up if you only want to allow transactions based on a city, region or state. Transactions attempted from outside that area are then automatically denied.

Mike: If you have more than one person on an account, like my wife and I have a joint checking account, you can have the My Mobile Money app track both of your debit cards on one phone. One time my wife was trying to buy groceries and I got a notification at work that her transaction was denied. I realized that I hadn’t moved our budgeted grocery money over to the right account and was able to use Merchants Mobile Banking to transfer funds so she could finish checking out at the grocery store. That was really handy.

Michelle: I can’t say enough about the automatic notifications for all transactions. You could set this up to only notify you for transactions over a certain dollar amount, but I love seeing everything that goes through my debit card. It’s perfect.

You can download My Mobile Money Access for your personal or business debit card anytime from the Google Play or Apple App stores. To learn more about My Mobile Money Access, visit our website.

If you have questions about downloading the app or would like additional recommendations on it’s use for you or your business, contact your local Merchants Bank and ask to speak to a Customer Service Representative.