Meet Chris Thrune, Electronic Banking Specialist at Merchants


Chris and his girlfriend, Larissa

How long have you been with Merchants?

Chris: I originally started at Merchants as a part-time teller with Merchants Bank in 2013. In May of 2016, I switched to the Electronic Banking department!

What is your top electronic banking tip?

Chris: My banking tip would be to not have your computer save passwords and if you do choose to store them somewhere, make sure it is a safe location!

What’s one thing your mom or dad taught you about money?

Chris: My parents taught me to start saving for the future early, which a few years later I now completely understand.

If you could ring the bell at the New York Stock Exchange with anyone, who would it be and why?

Chris: I would ring the bell with my younger brother Nick, as we are both studying finance. I would like to stay in banking but, he has aspirations to one day be a trader on Wall Street.

Besides money, what’s your favorite green thing?

Chris: As cliché as it is, the one and only Merchants Bank would be one of my favorite things that is the color green. Merchants has been a great company to work for, I admire the personalized service that Merchants Bank strives to provide to our customers. Anybody who rides in a car with me hates it, because we cannot drive passed a Merchants branch without me pointing it out!

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