Leadership Leads to Opportunity

Tim Murphy sets the pace in Caledonia

Tim MurphyLeadership has led to opportunity in Caledonia as Merchants Financial Group, Inc. (MFGI) Board Member Tim Murphy’s engagement in the community has opened doors for Merchants Bank.

Murphy, who is on the Caledonia Advisory Board of Directors, as well as the MFGI Board, has taken a leadership role in community projects since 1975. His involvement, along with the involvement of Merchants Bank and the employees of Merchants Bank in Caledonia, has contributed to making Caledonia a better place to live.

Murphy is on the Board of the 4 Seasons Community Center. The community center was built about 10 years ago with $1.2 million raised from community donations. The fundraising for the project was spearheaded by Merchants Bank leadership and Merchants was a significant donor.

“That’s a great accomplishment for a town of 2,700, and one that the town can take pride in achieving,” Murphy said, adding that the facility now runs on donations and rental fees.

Murphy has led the fundraising for a new $1.7 million swimming pool for Caledonia. Murphy wants to make the new pool happen without raising taxes to pay for the project.

At Murphy’s urging, Merchants took a lead in the pool project, pledging the first $25,000. By the end of 2012, the project had reached $1.1 million and Merchants had increased its pledge to $100,000. Murphy pointed out that these donations are in addition to the hours employees and other board members spend volunteering and supporting community organizations.

“The Bank is being recognized for its generosity, and the Bank has a history of community involvement. People see who is taking an interest,” Murphy said, adding that Merchants’ business model of local decision making is good thing for the Bank in Caledonia and the community.

Craig (Caledonia Bank President Craig Schroeder) has a real good understanding of what’s important in this community,” Murphy said.

Murphy has practiced law in Caledonia since becoming an attorney in 1975. A native of Blue Earth, Minn., Murphy said that practicing in a smaller town has had benefits for the Bank as well.

He also knows that you have to pay your dues, work hard and show people that you really care about them. He said that’s especially true in banking.

“I’m a firm believer that you get back what you put into something, and people see Merchants is putting its money and employee volunteer time into the community. That is important to them when they make their banking decisions,” Murphy said.