Tortilla Roll-Ups



  • 1 cup salsa
  • 1 package cream cheese, softened
  • 12 oz. shredded cheddar cheese
  • 1 package dry Ranch dressing mix
  • chopped onion, if desired
  • 8-10 (8-inch) flour tortillas
  • extra salsa



Combine all ingredients and spread a thin layer of mix on each tortilla. Roll tortillas and refrigerate 30 minutes. Cut rolls into bite-sized pieces and serve with salsa.


Merchants Family Cookbooks are available at all Merchants Bank locations for $15. Proceeds benefit local food shelf programs.

Access Your Accounts 24/7 with Mobile Banking

Merchants Bank, Mobile Banking, Online Banking

Whether you’re at home, work, school, out running errands, or on vacation, Merchants Mobile Banking makes it convenient to keep track of your finances. Check balances, view recent transactions, transfer funds, find branch and ATM locations, and more.

Follow the steps below to download the Merchants Bank Mobile app for Android phones or iPhones. In order to use the Merchants Bank Mobile app, you must be an Online Banking customer. To enroll in Online Banking, enroll online or contact our Electronic Banking Department at (866) 496-0522.

For Android:

  1. Open the Google Play Store app on your phone.
  2. Select Apps from the Google Play Store home screen.
  3. Type Merchants Bank NA in the search bar.
  4. Select the Merchants Bank NA app from the list that appears.
  5. Select Install.
  6. Select Accept to allow the app access to your location for the ATM/branch locater.
  7. The app will begin downloading to your phone.
  8. When complete, select Open and you will be taken to the home screen of the Merchants Bank Mobile app.
    Step8a  Step8b

For iPhone:

  1. Open the App Store app on your phone.
  2. Touch “Search” icon at bottom of screen.
  3. Type Merchants Bank NA in the search bar.
  4. Touch Get.
  5. If required, enter Apple ID and password
  6. The app will begin downloading to your phone.
  7. When complete, select Open and you will be taken to the home screen of the Merchants Bank Mobile app.
    Step6   Step6a

Listening to the Customer

Merchants Bank, Business Loans

Yer Yang and William Moua, owners of Rollingstone Mini Mart.

If you were to ask William Moua and Yer Yang the secret to their success at the Rollingstone Mini Mart, they would tell you it’s been listening to their customers since they purchased the store in 2004.

The couple keeps their prices affordable. They offer hot food, convenience items, a small liquor store and fuel. They’ve been rewarded with customers who have made their store an important part of Rollingstone.

“Without this store, it would be a little harder for the people in town. We have something that they need,” Moua said. “I’d say we know 95 percent of our customers by name.”

So, when Moua’s customers told him they’d have no reason to go into Winona, if Moua and Yang would add a Laundromat, the couple decided to make the addition. The problem was, no one listened closely enough to them at first when they were looking for a loan.

Saved $8,000 in Fees

That was until they followed a recommendation from Project FINE and went to Merchants Bank and met Business Banker Greg Borcherding.

Moua had been told by a bigger bank that it would take three months just to find if he’d been approved for a loan, and up to three more months to complete the process.  Borcherding turned the loan around quickly and structured the loan in a way that saved Moua and Yang over $8,000 in fees.

Moua said he liked the way Borcherding treated them. “It’s personal with him,” Moua said. “He’s easy to work with, knowledgeable and very helpful.”

For Borcherding, the pleasure was all his. “They’re very nice people, hardworking and the place is always busy,” Borcherding said. “It’s important to the Rollingstone community.”

Moua said he wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Borcherding to other small business owners.“I’ve worked with many bankers, and Greg has been the best for me. I give him an A plus,” Moua said.

Merchants Banks offers business financing options for your specific needs. Click here to learn more.

Loans are subject to credit approval.

Celebrate Community Banking Month with Us at these April Events

Merchants Bank, Community Events

Our staff invites you to join them at these great events throughout April. Be sure to follow us on our Facebook page for information on these events or pictures from other events you may have missed.

4/17 Caledonia’s Community Banking Month Celebration
“Come Experience the Difference”: 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
At Merchants Bank in CaledoniaPlease celebrate Community Banking Month with us and enjoy lunch in our lobby.
4/24 Spring Grove’s Community Banking Month Celebration
“Come Experience the Difference”: 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Please celebrate Community Banking Month with us and enjoy lunch in our lobby.
4/30 Lakeville’s 10-Year Anniversary Celebration: 4:30 – 7:00 p.m.
At Merchants Bank in Lakeville
Stop by and celebrate our 10-year anniversary at Merchants Bank in Lakeville.

New Staff Here to Help You


At Merchants Bank, we are happy to welcome new employees and celebrate new positions filled by current staff. These frontline employees are all looking forward to serving you. Take a moment to congratulate them.

Alyssa Childs has joined Merchants Bank as a Teller in Red Wing. She is currently attending Red Wing High School. Her favorite place to be is by the ocean. She has been able to travel there a lot with her family. She also enjoys spending time outdoors in the summer. Alyssa has two younger brothers and one older sister.

Jennifer Easton has joined Merchants Bank as a Lead Teller in Cottage Grove. Jennifer previously worked at Prudential Insurance as a Death Claims Specialist and at TCF Bank as an Assistant Branch Manager. Jennifer has an 11 year old son and enjoys reading, going to the gym, camping and hosting the neighborhood kids on the weekends.

Heidi Kramer has joined Merchants Bank as a Teller in Onalaska. Heidi previously worked at Kmart in their Cash Office and at Altra Federal Credit Union as a Teller. Heidi is currently attending at Western Tech, where she is studying for her Associates Degree in Finance. After graduation, she also hopes work towards a Bachelors Degree.

Kayla Lentz has joined Merchants Bank as a Part-Time Teller in Red Wing. Kayla also works at Hy-Vee as a Customer Service Representative. Kayla enjoys being outside where she can hike, swim and play volleyball. She loves all different kinds of animals and wildlife.  She has four dogs that greet her lovingly when she gets home.

Myths About Home Equity Lines of Credit

Merchants Bank, Home Equity Loans, Home Equity Lines of Credit

You may be able to use the equity in your home to your advantage with a Home Equity Line of Credit, or HELOC. While the idea sounds simple, the details of a HELOC can be confusing. Here are a few common HELOC myths explained.

Myth: A Second Mortgage and a Home Equity Line of Credit are the same thing.
There are two types of loans that use the equity in your home as collateral. They are either a Second Mortgage (also known as a Home Equity Loan) or a Home Equity Line of Credit. Each works differently and which loan type works best for you is often determined by the purpose you have chosen to take out the loan. The interest rate the bank charges on either of these can take several factors into account, such as your credit score, the loan to value or the loan type.

A Second Mortgage, or Home Equity Loan, is simply borrowing money, using the equity in your home to secure the loan, much as a personal loan may use the equity in a car to secure the loan.

A Home Equity Line of Credit is a revolving loan that works very much like a credit card. The equity you have in your home secures a credit line with a variable interest rate that is available to you for a certain amount of time (usually ten years). The monthly payments are determined by how much money you owe the Bank, not by how big the line of credit is. As you pay down the amount you owe on your line of credit, the rest is available for other uses. The line of credit works well for do-it-yourself projects or a series of projects because you only make payments on the money you’ve already used.

Myth: I can only use my HELOC on purchases for my home.
A Home Equity Line of Credit can be a great way to get that new roof or finally finish the lower level, but it can also be used to buy a new car or to pay for a college education. The flexibility of a HELOC means you can make your home equity work for current financial needs. In addition, the interest you pay on a Home Equity Loan or Home Equity Line of Credit may be deductible on your federal tax return. The interest you pay on car loans, credit cards and almost all other loans definitely is not. We suggest you consult your tax advisor regarding interest deductibility.

To learn more about Home Equity Lines of Credit, visit our website or contact your local Merchants Bank today.

Loans are subject to credit approval.

Credit Card Processing is “Quick, Concise and Thorough”

Merchants Bank, Credit Card Processing

David Wilson, President of Winona Golf & Dining.

That’s how David Wilson, President of Winona Golf & Dining, describes his experience with Merchants Bank and merchant processing to take care of credit and debit card transactions at the expanding business, which includes Signatures Restaurant, The Grill at Signatures, Visions Event Center and The Bridges golf course.

Looking to the future

The experience has been so good that Winona Golf & Dining and Merchants are partnering to offer mobile card processing, allowing golfers to use credit cards or debit cards to quickly pay for beverages while on the golf course.

“We are working together so we can enhance the experience for our guests and so Merchants can bring something new to its customers. It would have been easy to say ‘we don’t have that,’ but instead the response we received was ‘let’s see how we can make that happen.’”

David’s advice

“If you’re looking to do anything with a financial institution, don’t do it before you first check with Merchants Bank. I’ve worked with people at all levels of the organization. Everyone goes out of their way to make sure that their customers are truly taken care of. That’s what we try to do too.”

Visit our website to learn more about credit card processing for your business.

Loans are subject to credit approval.